Green Energy

Investing in renewable energy is an increasingly important and urgent issue given climate change. In addition to presenting environmental advantages and promoting the energy model of the future, they can also be profitable investments. What are the new ways of investing in renewable energy today?

When we talk about new ways to invest, we don’t mean to buy your own solar panels or a solar energy kit to put it on your roof and produce the electricity you consume. We talked about using the power of the Internet and the collaborative economy to invest together with other people in large Green energy projects. Most of the outstanding solutions give the possibility of making an investment in renewable energy with small amounts of money.

Why invest in Green energy?

As it is revealed after different investigations about Green energies, it is estimated that they will get a share of 36% on the energy mix worldwide in the year 2030, notably increasing GDP to 1.3 billion dollars. Therefore, investing in renewable energy is a very important alternative to consider today.

Another important reason why investing in Green energy is the decline in fossil fuels, something that today indicates that it is insurmountable. In the absence of this kind of energy and also due to the effects of pollution, the investment of renewable energies will continue to be a special trend that will have an increasing presence in industry and society.

Solar and wind power manage to attract more than 17% of global investments within the Green energy sector, a trend that continues to rise and that we will continue to see in the coming years.

In addition to large companies, organizations and large investors, it should not be forgotten that investment in renewable energy is accessible to small savers. You can invest from 50 or 100 dollars. In addition, it should be noted that investment in this energy is safe, as evidenced by the current 17% of investments, something that continues to grow year after year, which means about 278,000 million dollars.

Electricroad Investments is a FinTech platform that allows interested citizens to invest in environmentally sustainable projects and receive benefits from their investments; at the same time, projects get financing without having to resort to traditional financing formulas.

Invest in Green energy Invest with crowdfunding for loans or crowdlending

With crowdfunding for loans or crowdlending, many small investors contribute money to finance together with a loan for a project with a return on interest. Electricroad Investments platform specialized in profitable projects that improve the environment and society. The selected projects are presented to the investors of the platform and they can choose with all transparency in which to invest. They are renewable energy or energy efficiency projects.

You can invest in shares of community photovoltaic plants. The environmental and economic benefits generated by the plant are distributed among the people who have decided to invest in the project. Electricroad Investments is defined as a non-profit company. That is, they invest their benefits in informing and raising awareness about the necessary change towards a new energy model that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and savings.

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