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Alternative cars generate more and more interest thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, the decrease in costs, the new CO2 emission regulations and the investment and incentives by governments. Everything leads to a new business occasion in a market in transformation.

Electric vehicles appear as the means of transport of the future, but they are increasingly present. Soon manufacturers will have at least one zero-emission vehicle in their fleet, as it is an increasingly tangible business opportunity. To better understand the alternative car market it is important to know the product. Currently, manufacturers work in electric hybrids (HEV), which combine a gasoline engine with a small electric one that is loaded with the engine and brake, and plug-in electric hybrids (PHEV), whose load is via external source and has certain autonomy in electric mode. There are also the BEVs that work completely with electric battery and the REEV, with an electric motor to which they add another gas to increase autonomy

How is the audience that is behind the interests?

The target of the electric vehicle and plug-in hybrids mostly by middle-aged men who are not fathers. These are enthusiastic people from a sustainable world, passionate about technology and the search for emotions. To a lesser extent, they are lovers of high-end cars and followers of business news.

Once the interests and audiences have been identified, it is time to recognize the opportunities and define the future market. As electric cars gain in popularity and costs fall, the audience is growing among environmentally conscious, technology savvy and high-income consumers. The electric ones are going from being the second car of the home to be the first and for the next generation of buyers, the acquisition will be a balanced consideration. Therefore, we must know how to work the market recognizing the opportunities:

The change in the market is also a challenge for dealers to more and more demanding customers who demand more in-depth knowledge of a product that offers less profitability to the traditional vehicle. Strengthening the after-sales service is essential to gain turnover. There are also ways to participate in the alternative car ecosystem: encouraging current incentives, investing in infrastructure and partnering to develop new programs and incentives. Taking this opportunity and getting ahead of the competition is an added value for brands to position themselves as a reference in the sector.

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There is really no doubt about it: electric vehicles are the cars of the future. As technology continues to evolve, you can expect to see longer handling ranges and faster battery charging times. And you can also expect to see automotive giants investing more and more capital in this lucrative market.

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