Artificial Intelligence

Experts in artificial intelligence have agreed today on the need to invest and prepare professionals in this field, given the high demand that currently exists for qualified personnel and is not covered, and have confirmed that this “technological revolution” will transform the labor market.

Technology continues to advance and in recent years we have experienced changes in the purest futuristic style. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has awakened the technological revolution of “human” computer systems, which in addition to having the ability to learn for themselves, are stripped of limitations. In this context, we explain the benefits that AI can bring to your company’s marketing strategies: Business administration When managing your business, different applications have the capacity to call meetings, manage calendars, schedule business trips or analyze team data

The solutions offered by AI are not only applicable to large companies but also that all departments can benefit, at a low cost, from the improvements involved. In this way, the capacity of these software will allow you to optimize the processes with the most sophisticated functions that will help you capture and retain potential customers, as well as increase the level of sales of your products or services.

Why you should invest in Artificial Intelligence?

Campaign Automation

There are currently solutions to generate content automatically, either on Social Networks, blogs, and other channels. However, here the Email Marketing campaigns, or personalized email, are positioned as protagonists, and which in turn play an important role in Inbound Marketing through the adaptation of messages and content to increase conversions.


Content and advertising have become an engine that is not activated equally for each user, that is, what they find depends on their behaviors, attitudes, and preferences that they show on the network. Therefore, your company can offer a specific product or service and according to the needs of the prospects.


An analytics Connected databases and analysis tools enable detailed analysis of campaigns by determining their impact and the evolution of leads. Thus, in the blink of an eye, you can get recommendations for improvement from rigorous statistical reports.

Customer Service

Improving these services costs very little if you apply artificial intelligence. Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human behavior to take care of users and solve their doubts and problems trying to solve them as if it were a person. These virtual assistants adapt to the strategies of each business facilitating the purchase process for consumers.


In addition to streamlining some tasks and processes with a lower range of error. On the other hand, thanks to the robotics that we talked about in the previous point, it allows us to offer services 24 hours a day without the need for a team of employees covering all schedules, which avoids an extra cost to the company.

Cyber Security

Prevents the risks and threats that may affect your business database through predictive analytics and the different methods that generate knowledge under the name of heuristics.

In Electricroad Investments we have had a “ Flash Idea ” and we believe that if we manage to invest in a basket of values that dominate Artificial Intelligence we can obtain returns higher than those of the market.

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