About Us

Electricroad Investments as a leading financial advisor in the sector offers its Financial Consulting services for financial analysis, study and diagnosis, aimed at providing professional advice that provides the client with solutions and strategies that support the decision-making process. We provide investment advice and consulting, Protecting the financial interests of our clients for the implementation and development of each of the investment projects Previously Considered by our company, we advise on the Processes and procedures for investment in Electric Vehicle, Green Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things. Our firm provides guidance and operational assistance services to companies and other organizations on strategic and organizational planning; decision issues of a financial nature; Objectives and marketing policies.

We are a finance and management consultant and specialized in investment management. We provide advisory services and discretionary portfolio management, both for institutional and individual clients, in order to offer an alternative of excellence for channeling and optimization of savings locally and internationally. Our mission is to implement a change that has a positive impact on the objectives of our clients. We offer a range of products with the versatility necessary to meet the requirements of each investor.

Electricroad Investments is a trusted platform that allows interested citizens to invest in environmentally sustainable projects and receive benefits from their investments; at the same time, projects get financing without having to resort to traditional financing formulas. We want to give the transparency, reliability, and collaboration that large investment funds and outdated banks do not provide, promoting collective mobilization at the service of environmentally and economically sustainable initiatives.

With a clear objective: To encourage change in society through financial support for clean technologies. Its purposes with Electricroad Investments are to facilitate investments, their profitability and at the same time cause an impact towards a more advanced and cleaner world.

We are a digital agency that becomes your ally for the digital transformation of the commercial team. We integrate the Internet into your business process to deliver prospects ready for closing sales. You will receive our personal service and have our maximum attention. Trained financial advisors and relationship associates work proactively for your benefit. We will respond to your demands immediately.

We are looking for potential customers, we profile, qualify and persuade you to acquire your products and services.

Our Values


Each investment has its share of risk, we strive to be minimal. Therefore, we comply with all the quality requirements demanded by the Hong Kong regulations to guarantee the security of your money.


We are citizens of the world. We have to take care of it collectively.

Collective Action

Act now to accelerate change.

We invite you to try our objective advice and firm solutions. With many resources and our commitment to professionalism and service, we provide the solutions you need and the personal attention you require.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

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